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STCE Athletic Boosters Marketing Campaign #SupportSTCE

STCE Athletic Boosters Marketing

Check it out its not too late to donate and reserve your place on the 40th Anniversary donation plaque or a paver before the next phase of renovations at East.  Less than 35 pavers left – save your legacy before May 31st to see your family name in the new gymnasium area next fall!

@STCEBoosters #SupportSTCE #SaintsPride

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40th Anniversary Campaign

St. Charles East Athletic Boosters are excited to celebrate the school’s 40th Anniversary!  Our school walls are filled with 40 years of athletic success stories and our goal is to support future athletic success.  We are asking for your assistance in our 40th Anniversary Athletic Facilities Renovation Campaign.  

St Charles East Athletic Boosters, in cooperation with St Charles District 303 administrators, have agreed to financially participate in various completed and planned upgrades to the athletic facilities here at East High School as part of our 40th Anniversary Renovation.  The first completed project is the turf field. The Boosters commitment toward maintenance and replacement of the turf field is $200,000.

The second project we completed is an expansion of our Fitness Center. Once finished, the Boosters will spend approximately $100,000 to complete this renovation which includes equipment and décor.  Future desired projects include a renovation of the Main Gym, the Main Gym Lobby and, with your support, the Norris Stadium concessions areas.

Fundraising began late last spring and is continuing throughout this school year.  To date, the Boosters have secured pledges for nearly $150,000 in donations.  Overall, the Boosters have targeted raising $800,000 — with your support.

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Jodie Harrison Lifetime Achievement Award winners

  • Kevin Milligan (Class of 1997)
  • Claire Sheehan (Class of 2005)
  • Merit (Elzey) Stloukal (Class of 1994)
  • Tom Williams (Class of 1982)
  • Jeff Leavey (Cross country/track coach)
  • Mick Ruettiger (Wrestling coach)
  • Jim/Linda Caine (Friends of Program)
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